Between the last day of December, 2009, and February 20th, 2010, I managed to post a review every day, except when I posted my Top 10 Films of 2000-2009.  I am now a bit busier than I was during that period, so I’m afraid I will have to slow down a bit, and will probably only be able to review three or four films a week.  Some of them are old reviews from the days of the Piradical Productions message board, but many of those old reviews require a great deal of editing to meet my standards.

In the meantime allow me to leave you with a couple of truly awful VHS covers.  I hope to be able to review both movies in the next month or so.  The first is The Mad Butcher, sporting one of my favorite covers/posters of all time.  The absurdity of the situation depicted is hilarious, as are the odd proportions involved.

The second is the slightly less exciting Robot Holocaust.  The cover/poster combines the worst from the swords and sandals fantasy films and absurd robot science fiction.

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