Chatting with filmmakers – and reviewing their films?

You may have noticed a recent dearth in fresh reviews.  I assure you, I will continue to watch films and provide written analysis.  Recently, however, my job has been enveloped by a film festival.  This is a grand thing, and a great deal of fun, but also rather tiring.  As such, I have had fewer opportunities to post new reviews.

At the same time, I have had a chance to chat with a number of young filmmakers from around the world.  These chats have been enlightening but have highlighted a cause for concern as I continue reviewing films.  The more one gets to know a filmmaker, the more difficult it is to objectively analyze and criticize their work.

The same holds true for mainstream filmmakers whom I may interview.  I’ve recently talked with Randall Wallace about his new film Secretariat, and Bruce Beresford and Chi Cao about Mao’s Last Dancer.  After talking to the filmmakers I have felt a conflict of interest in posting an honest review of each film.  Neither film is bad, and both will be greatly enjoyed by their respective audiences, but I will not be posting my reviews publicly.  The same will be true going forward.

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