Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars

Over-sexed Rugsuckers from Mars (1989): United States – directed by Michael Paul Girard

Not rated by the MPAA – contains violence, sex, nudity, general weirdness, language

Note: As I will be out of the country for a period of time, I have decided to inflict upon anyone who reads these reviews a sampling of my earlier work.  These will be shorter, less formal, poorly written, and generally crappy.  They will lack stills and links, and I will apologize in advance for their poor quality.  They have received minor edits to (very slightly) improve readability.  Some might not be appropriate for all audiences.  Enjoy.

(review originally published 1/2/09)

And now for something totally different. This is the first film by the guy who did Bikini Med School and Body Parts. I’ve never heard of him either. (And yes, it looks like most stuff he’s done is soft core porn.) But whatever.

Unfortunately, the film is not as good as its title. But, you have to admit that the title is one of the greatest ever. It looks like someone filmed it wherever and whenever he could, with money stolen from homeless people. The quality is dreadful, the script is abominable, the acting pathetic, the special effects barely even laughable.

However, it’s a film of a lot of firsts. And for this reason it’s almost worth watching.

It’s the first film where a homeless man has sex with a vacuum cleaner. The first film where a vacuum cleaner sucks up some aphrodisiac tea and goes crazy, killing a woman and raping her husband in the butt. With its hose. Also the first film showing a hot sex/rape scene involving stairs and scanty underwear. This liaison results in the first Dustbuster baby ever conceived by a vacuum cleaner and a slutty woman, which drops onto the floor of a courtroom. (FYI, it’s a Dustbuster with doll legs, arms, and head.)

It starts with a group of claymation martians who come to earth (their grand experiment) and find that people have made a mess of things. So, they decide to create a new species – vacusapiens. They accomplish this by mating a homeless man to a vacuum. They then leave. They’re sort of funny because they are clay blobs with large genitals. Small clay blobs, very poorly animated. All the stop-motion is bad, including the vacuum cleaner attacks.

It’s a very bad movie, but probably worth sitting through. Besides the above mentioned scenes, it includes a hard boiled detective in the vein of Sam Spade. The love of his life is a sheep. It also includes a slutty girl who never wears pants, and infrequently manages to put panties on. There’s an oafish British guy, a shopping cart car chase, replete with squeeling tire sound effects. Yes, it’s awful, yes, it’s sort of funny, like Troma, but slightly better.

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