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Rosarigasinos (2001): Argentina – directed by Rodrigo Grande

Not rated by the MPAA – contains some violence, some language, and some sexual references

Have you ever thought about how different countries all have their own gangster movies?  America’s The Godfather and Goodfellas have set the bar there, Japan has a plethora of Yakuza films, and England (at least recently) gets Guy Ritchie.  Well, what if you moved the stories and characters to Argentina, and tried again?  That’s almost like what Rosarigasinos turns out to be.

At the same time, imagine Butch and Sundance survived the shootout in Bolivia and instead served 30 years in an Argentinean jail.  Then they are released, and nothing is quite the same as they remembered.

Rosarigasinos is an odd mix of everything above.  It is a gangster movie, or is at least a movie about gangsters.  Tito and Castor are old buddies and finally are released after serving 30 years in jail for (it sounds like) a variety of crimes.  They are eager to reunite with the old gang who used to party all night long and have plenty of money.  But first they have to find their own stash of money which they hid away before heading to jail.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer where they left it and they’re not sure where it ended up.

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