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Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear (2010): United States – directed by Eric Brevig

Rated G by the MPAA – contains some mild rude humor, forest fires started by a bear

One might think that a big screen adaptation of Yogi Bear might be ill-fated, and they would not necessarily be wrong.  There is not much about the film that excels, but it is mostly inoffensive and has enough slapstick to keep very young audiences entertained.

Tom Cavanagh is Ranger Smith, a nature lover in charge of Jellystone Park.  He has lived there much of his life, but the park has never been in this much danger.  The mayor (Andrew Daly) of the town (which apparently owns the park; maybe it is not Jellystone National Park?) is in dire straits, having spent the town’s budget on fancy suits and other excesses.  With his right hand man (Nathan Corddry) he is intent on finding new sources of revenue.  The most obvious is re-zoning Jellystone so he can auction off lumber rights to the highest bidder.

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Yakuza Deka

Yakuza Deka (1970): Japan – directed by Yukio Noda

Not rated by the MPAA – contains violence and mischief and general craziness

This movie is pure awesome.  Sonny Chiba is pure awesome.  Everything that happens in the movie happens exactly right to ensure that the entire film is pure awesome.

It’s a Yakuza movie, in a way, but it is actually mostly an action movie.  It starts out as more of a buddy action film, but that aspect slowly disappears as the film progresses.  We start in a casino as the cops are frisking a guy for having a concealed weapon.  He has, however, hidden it in Sonny Chiba’s pants, and Sonny plays along.  Soon they are both running from the cops, beating them up, and trying to escape.  As they sit in jail together, however, we learn that Chiba is a real cop.

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