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Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood

Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985): Japan – directed by Hideshi Hino

Not rated by the MPAA – contains violence, blood, torture, disturbing content

Note: this review contains may contain some disturbing images or descriptions of disturbing violence.  Only mature readers should venture further.

Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood may be better than the first entry in the series, Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment [review here], by a factor of ten or a hundred or  more, but that still does not mean that it’s worthy of even half a star.  The first film was an excruciatingly dull 40-some minutes of inexplicable and moronic torture, with very little shock value.  The second film boasts slightly improved production values, and has at least one cringe-worthy moment, but any improvement is vastly overshadowed by an incident involving Charlie Sheen.

This is the Guinea Pig movie that Sheen apparently saw in the early 1990’s and reported to the FBI as he thought it was a true snuff film.  Upon further investigation they discovered that it was just a realistic and disturbing film.  The fact that Sheen saw the film (where on earth did he get it?  Why?) is far more interesting than anything about the film itself.  And that it appeared realistic enough to let anyone think it was actually real is fascinating, though the proliferation of fuzzy VHS tapes at the time probably explains much of the phenomenon.

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Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment

Guinea Pig: Devil’s Experiment (1985): Japan – directed by Satoru Ogura

Not rated by the MPAA – contains torture and nothing else

Note: This movie was absolutely worthless, and I fear that you would be wasting your time as much by reading this review as I was by watching the film.

There is only one possible reason that this film deserves any sort of recognition or review.  In the history of cinema, including the deepest, darkest underbelly, this perhaps holds a certain spot.  It is, I would venture to say, the very first torture porn.  And, since I am at least partially interested in all aspects of cinema, I thought I would briefly review this film.

This was definitely not the first exploitation movie, though it can hardly be considered one.  It’s also not the first alleged “snuff” film, though it most certainly tries to be a snuff film.  In fact, that’s the only reason this movie (or its many sequels) are of interest to anyone.  Charlie Sheen, seeing part of the second film, contacted the MPAA, which forwarded to the FBI his concerns that an actress was murdered onscreen.  The FBI investigated, but learned that Japanese authorities were already looking into the matter.  (Source and Wikipedia) It all turned out to be fake.

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